Reading: The Once and Future King

On the cover, right bottom corner reads a quote by Ursula K. Le Guin.
 It says, "I have laughed at White's great Arthrian novel
and cried over it and loved it all my life.
" If this book has served Ms. Le Guin for a lifetime,
then I believed I needed to read it as well. 

I love Arthurian fantasy and I've been looking for a book version I could sink
my teeth into. According to many sources, this modern version is the
best and most beloved today.

For $9 I've been entertained thoroughly. The language is rich, descriptive and poetic.
Edge of your seat adventure infuses the hilariously deep character development. 

The perfect winter read.
Cuddle up in bed,
grab a hot mug
and soak.

Recommended to: Arthurian/Lord of the Rings/Medieval Fantasy Fans, outdoor adventurers, middle school book readers.


Dreams for 2014, My New Year Resolutions

Even though making New Years Resolutions is sort of cheesy, my hubby and I have been making them on New Years Eve for 10 years. We also love to review them at the end of the year and see what we have accomplished. I have learned lots about myself from making these Resolution lists. One year I set up a huge list, with too many goals on it. It was intimidating and unrealistic. It left me feeling like I had not accomplished anything by the end of the year. After a few flub ups, I have learned to keep it light and fun. I don't want to feel pressure to perform. I don't want to feel that if I don't meet these goals I have somehow FAILED. I try to put lots of purpose and reality into the goals I set, too. I want to share them with you for inspiration and motivation. Happy New Year my friends!

I have some other smaller goals that include making yoga videos, blogging more, writing a zine or two, getting my handstand press, crocheting more shawls, sewing a dress or two for the summer, camping lots, hiking lots, running lots, and working in a sketchbook daily. I just don't want them to be added to my official list, because I consider them bonus goals.

Anyway, I hope that this list of goals inspires you. I hope you had a amazing year and I wish you a Happy New Year!
Cheers and lots of love.