Dollar Gift Ideas: Faux Bois Contact Paper Crafts and Faux Bois Necklace Tutorial

Faux Bois Contact Paper Crafts and GIfts
If you can't buy handmade gifts this year, because your wallet it too tight, why not try your hand at making some gifts? Who doesn't love handmade gifts from the ones they love? The dollar store is always a great place to find ideas. I was thrilled when I found some Faux Bois contact paper yesterday. I knew I'd be sticking it to stuff so I found some stuff while at the dollar store that might look cute all Faux Boised up.

I started with this dollar tin vanilla scented candle. Here it is all wrapped up and ready to be gifted.
Faux Bois Contact Paper, Candle

It's very easy to cover. Just take the lid face down on the back of the contact paper, follow the circle edge to draw a template, cut it out, then stick it on. For the sides, I measured the space between the edge of the lid and the bottom edge. Then I cut that strip out.
Faux Bois Contact Paper, Candle

The great thing about contact paper is that it's very forgiving. It has a low tack adhesive, so you can remove it if you make a mistake. You can rub the air bubbles out with any flat edge...like a book spine or an altoid tin edge.
Faux Bois Contact Paper Craft, Notebook and Pencil Set

For this notebook I cut a peice of contact paper bigger than the notebook so I could wrap it. I had to do a little cutting here and there to get the edges to wrap nicely. Then I took my corner rounding tool to finish it off. The pencil was the easiest project. All you have to do is cut a long strip, wrap, cut and sharpen.
Faux Bois Contact Paper, Notebook and Pencil

This is a great way to spruce up a plain gift box. Draw a block letter on the back of the contact paper, cut it out and stick it on.
Faux Bois Contact Paper, Monogrammed Gift Box

This necklace is also really easy to make and I am going to show you how.
Faux Bois Contact Paper, Necklace and Monogrammed Gift Box

You will need:
a small piece of contact paper
a large sized washer
an xacto knife
and a ball chain.

1. Take the backing off the contact paper and stick the flattest side of the washer down to it.

2. Take your Xacto knife and follow the inside edge slowly and carefully until you cut all around. Then pop it out.

3. Now cut along the outside edge, getting as close to the edge as you possibly can. It's best to push down firmly with the blade, so the edges will be nice and smooth. Then pop out the washer from the leftover contact paper.

4. Smooth out any bubbles or edges and then put it on a ball chain.

Voila...a cute simple handmade gift that will make your buddies smile.
Faux Bois Contact Paper, Necklace

Happy gift making!


Anonymous said...

Love that!!! Great ideas!! ; D Found your blog through Crafty Crow and will now nip out and pick up a washer or two.... or three......!!! :D

Silvia Chenault said...

Thanks. I hope you have fun. :)